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6 simple ways to save energy that really work

How not to go broke on electricity bills Hello, dear students! Sit down! The topic of our lesson is ways to save electricity. Without him, in a modern house can not live. No computer games, no hockey on TV, no beer in the fridge. And with electricity, life is pleasant and comfortable. But you have to pay a lot for it, especially in winter.

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Mountain Bike Review STELS Navigator 800

Mountain bike STELS Navigator 800 - advantages, disadvantages, characteristics Technical characteristics General characteristics Model 2014 Type for adults Scope mountain (MTB) Bicycle weight 15.8 kg Frame, fork Frame material aluminum alloy Frame dimensions 18.0, 20.0 inch Depreciation Hard tail (with depreciation plug) Name of SR Suntour NEX soft plug Design of spring-elastomeric plug The level of soft-plug is walking Stroke of fork 63 mm Adjustment of spring stiffness plug Steering column design non-integrated, threaded Di Wheel 26-inch wheel diameter Kenda K-847, 26x1 tire name.

Description toaster Vigor HX-6024

Vigor HX-6024 toaster - advantages, disadvantages, characteristics Technical characteristics Technical characteristics Power 750 W Number of compartments 2 Number of toasts 2 Control type mechanical Adjusting the degree of toasting is, smooth One-sided frying no Cancel button Features Automatic toasting centering There is an “Extra-lifting” toast no Automatic raising of toasts no Grid for heating buns no Body material plastic Additional information Burning a bear face on bread Testimonial a toaster Vigor HX-6024 Advantages Simple, small, cheap.

The best men's perfume. TOP 10

How a modern man smells Perfume has long become an integral part of the male image - a rare representative of the strong half of humanity does not enjoy the benefits that it provides. Unfortunately, men are not as scrupulous in assessing fragrances as women are, and often make a hasty choice.

Description of the DVR ParkCity DVR HD 770

Video recorder ParkCity DVR HD 770 - advantages, disadvantages, characteristics Technical characteristics Main characteristics Video recorder design with camera, with screen Number of video / audio recording channels 1/1 Supports HD 1080p Video recording 1920x1080 at 30 fps Recording cyclic Functions shock sensor (G -Sensor), GPS, motion detection in the frame Recording time and date, speed Sound built-in microphone (with the ability to turn off), built-in speaker Camera Matrix 1/3 "2 million pixels.

Review of the washing KRAUSEN ZIP LUXE vacuum cleaner

Detergent vacuum KRAUSEN ZIP LUXE - advantages, disadvantages, characteristics Technical characteristics Characteristics Type normal Cleaning dry / wet Power consumption 1150 W Dust collector aquafilter, 3.50 l capacity nozzles Vacuum cleaner dimensions (WxDxH) 35x36x43 cm Weight 7 kg Additional information capacity for detergent 3L; ; electric brush (electric sifter) - add.

Overview of the gas stove Gorenie GI 52339 RW

Gas stove Gorenie GI 52339 RW - advantages, disadvantages, characteristics Technical characteristics General characteristics Gas cooktop Gas oven Gas Mechanical control, switches: rotary, display, automatic electric firing, timer sound Clock is Dimensions (WxDxH) 50x60x85 cm Oven Oven volume 56 l Flip door There is a grill, gas convection no Gas-control of the oven is Number of glasses of the oven door two Cleaning traditional Features of the oven lights Cooking hob Working surface enamel Quantity o gas burners: 4, fast warming up: 1 gas control of the burners there Protective shutdown no Lock the control panel no Features Color beige Dish box there Additional information guides levels: 5; removable rails Reviews of the gas stove Gorenie GI 52339 RW Advantages Practical, beautiful, functional, safe.

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The best vitamins for children - TOP 6

Rating of the best vitamins for kids and teenagers The importance of good vitamins for the intellectual, psycho-emotional and physical development of children is difficult to overestimate. These substances are involved in metabolic processes, help regulate the functions of all systems and organs and, as a result, we see a healthy and active child, who can fulfill all the tasks.

Treating trees in spring: what, why, and when

Processing the garden in the spring against pests and diseases: terms, preparations, rules Spring activities to protect the garden from pests and diseases - prevention of the mass distribution of harmful objects and a pledge of a high and healthy harvest. When the trees in the spring only go out of the resting stage, they can be safely treated with general-concentration preparations of high concentration.

Seville Baby Care Stroller Review

Optimal transport for walking with the baby The design of this stroller makes it maneuverable, and large wheels - passable. Baby Care Seville is pleased with the strength of the frame and the high quality of the fabric, and the convenient walking unit and a good set of accessories make the price of this model particularly attractive.

Description of the notebook Lenovo THINKPAD X240 Ultrabook

Lenovo THINKPAD X240 Ultrabook laptop - advantages, disadvantages, specifications Specifications Type Type Type: laptop Operating system Operating system: Linux / Win 7 Professional 64 / DOS / Win 8 64 / Without OS / Win 8 Pro 64 / Win 8 Pro Processor Type Processor type: Core i3 / Core i5 / Core i7 Processor code Processor code: 4600U / 4300U / 4010U / 4200U / 4030U / 4210U Processor core Processor core: Haswell Processor frequency Processor frequency: 1600… 2100 MHz Number of processor cores Number of processor cores: 2 L2 cache size L2 cache size: 512 KB L3 cache size L3 cache size: 3 MB / 4 MB Memory Size perativnoy memory RAM size: 4 ... 8 GB of memory type memory type: DDR3L memory Memory Clock Frequency: 1600 MHz The maximum memory size maximum memory size of 8 GB Screen Size Screen size: 12.

10 best varieties of cherries

Review of the best varieties of cherries - according to the reviews of gardeners Cherry is the most common stone fruit in Russia. She perfectly adapted to the sharply continental and unpredictable climate. In the Middle Zone, varieties of cherry and duck (cherry-cherry hybrids) are grown, and in severe regions, preference is given to more hardy species: steppe cherry, sand cherry and felt cherry.

12 best cat and cat food manufacturers

What would your pussy really buy? What cat food is not worth buying? Let's remember, what are the names of cat food and cats at our hearing? Of course, Whiskas, Kitekat, Friskies, Darling will be the first to come to mind. Their ads are noisy, noticeable, become familiar ... but is it worth believing all the assurances of manufacturers?

Competent selection of hair clippers

Hair clipper should not cause discomfort! In ancient times, a rare man decided to cut his hair. There were several reasons for this. First, there were no convenient tools for this. Secondly, it was believed that the hair contains strength and courage - a man with a short haircut allegedly had no chance to win in a fight with a future dinner or in a fight with another man.

6 best wet dog food

Dog canned food is something that four-legged friends like. Many people prefer to buy canned food for their dogs. Real meat, packed in jars, looks much more natural and appetizing than dry food pellets. Adherents of natural feeding convenient to mix ready fortified meat with cereals and vegetables.

Description of the multicooker REDMOND RMC-M23

Multicooker REDMOND RMC-M23 - advantages, disadvantages, characteristics Technical characteristics General characteristics Multicooker type Power 860 W Volume 5 l Case material metal Bowl coating ceramic Inner cover available Management and programs Electronic control 3D heating no Automatic programs 25, including: baking, porridge, cereal, stewing, steaming, deep-frying, rice, frying, yogurt, pasteurization The maximum timer setting time is 24 hours. Manual temperature control, cooking time. epla has Delayed Start yes Features 120 recipes book reviews multivarka REDMOND RMC-M23 Advantages normal price; nice design; programs for each type of food processing; auto heating off is clogged in settings; book of recipes; Warranty> 2 years.

10 best varieties of tomatoes for open ground

Description of the best varieties of tomatoes for open ground - according to gardeners In their homeland, in South America, the tomato is an evergreen perennial. In Russia, it is a heat-loving plant with a long growing season. Due to the long growing season, it is possible to harvest tomatoes in the conditions of a short summer in the open field only by seedling or with the use of a temporary shelter.

Bias review: all the flaws of the Samsung Galaxy S7

This will never be told to you in advertising. The main competitor of the seventh iPhone, which entered the market a bit earlier - the Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone - is very often cited by opponents of the “apple technology” as a reference. But is he really that good? And the authors of articles on well-known testers portal, and many users in the review do not agree with this.

Condensation boilers (gas and oil)

Principles of work, shortcomings, differences, and all other features Energy efficiency today is supported in all directions and at all levels, including many government programs. One of the areas of energy conservation is the development of new heating equipment. Manufacturers one after another try to introduce new technologies.